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Leslie Teixeira

Leslie Teixeira


It all started back in about 2005 when my father started his own small business and mentioned he was going to use a “Virtual Office Assistant”. A what??? By this time I had several years of administrative experience under my belt and, needless to say, was very curious about this title. Dad didn’t end up using the VA service because he hired me, as his right-hand-lady and Office Manager, however, the idea never left my mind. “What a great idea – I can do that!” Fast forward some 10 years later, after the dream had been brewing while gaining on-the-job administrative experience, the timing was now perfect. A husband and two children, ages 7 and 1, all needed momma at home…and Adminuts is born (baby number 3).

With approximately 20 years of administrative assistance experience in various industries such as insurance, engineering, telecommunications, education and health care, I am sure to adapt quickly to your’s as well.

As a self-described organization freak and administrative junkie (Admin-Nut!), I am sure to get your office in ship-shape condition in no time. I’m constantly taking courses to stay ahead of the technology curve and if your requirements are outside of my current skill set, you better believe I will quickly be adding another line item to my list of services offered.

I’m ready to get crackin’!  Are you?